By George Fox – @GeorgeJFox

What goes on inside the head of a Major League Baseball player when they step to the plate? Is it as powerful and gritty as the short film Warstic put out recently? Who knows, but the creative is likely to sell some bats.

Not to mention the impressive work the Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler put in Tuesday night vs. the Mariners. In the 19-9 rout Kinsler had four hits and four runs.

Drawing analogies from native american warrior hunters and baseball hitters, the slick video showcases the Dallas, Texas bat company’s partners Kinsler and homegrown Detroit rock musician Jack White’s star power.

The formidable soundtrack created by White in the film titled “Warcry: The Battle of the Hawk & the Raven”,  is now Kinsler’s walk-out music.

The description of the high concept video reads, “A professional baseball player (Ian Kinsler) battles to get his mind right in the locker room before a big game. He struggles to find focus as the crowd noise outside the locker signals the impending war. We see inside the inside the psyche of the hitter.”

It’s easy to love a player like Kinsler who former Tiger’s manager Jim Leyland once praised as a “dirtball” player. Which he explained is positive and is the type of resourceful and tough guy who know how to win.

And there’s that time he was literally gritty rubbing dirt on an injured bloody hand.

Warstic bats are only available at Prices start at $133 for wood and $253 for aluminum for men’s bats.

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