Gasoline Gypsies Take Over MusicTown Detroit … With Two Guitars, Bass And Drums

March 26, 2018

By Pam Rossi
We had a full band in the studio for this week’s Behind The Mic with two guitars, bass and drums.

They’re known as The Gasoline Gypsies.  

These four young guys, even though tired from just finishing up a few 16 hour days in the recording studio, entertained to the max.  We got to hear some great tunes including a couple that have not been released as of yet from their upcoming EP.

The Gypsies, Caleb, Steve, Neil and Joe, truly live up to a title they’ve been given as grassroots Michigan rock n’ roll.

But rock wasn’t always their sound. We talked about the initial group and their acoustic/folk sound and then with the change of some players, how they took on a whole new direction and sound. They feel this is where they are meant to be.

Of course they all had that classic rock influence while growing up, so no wonder they feel right at home playing that. Plus they were a JBL Best American Band Finalist. Yeah, the label fits.

We touched on a lot of things, including opening for Don Felder of the Eagles and The Guess Who — highlights of their musical career.

Follow along with the Pam Exam and get to know these talented guys. It’s too bad Joe didn’t bring in his good luck charm, a stuffed Fozzie the Bear. But he didn’t need any luck while having fun in our studio.