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GUIDE: More Than 60 Free Fun Things To Do In Metro Detroit

Campus Martius is a crowd pleaser

March 27, 2018

By Beau Daniels, WOMC
I'm all about free stuff and when Thrill List mentions 61 great free things to do in the Metro, I look. They say wave at the people in Canada, I'll pass on that one. But Campus Martius has become a great spot especially with the sand in the Summer.

The beach: Detroit style!⛱-- . . Thanks to @rsouthen for today's dreamy #SceneFromDetroit!

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You've probably seen more groups taking bike rides around Detroit, several company's have popped up offering those services. 

We rank number three in apples grown per state and the orchards are plentiful. They do mention "Ride the elevator at the Renaissance Center," I will do that again when the new restaurant on top opens. Eastern Market is also a blast, but have never done Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum? 

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That is now on my list. Check out the 61 mentioned here including festivals and the beautiful Belle Isle.