Livonia Native Bryan Schaffer on Moving to Nashville to Pursue a Country Music Career

January 16, 2019

Bryan Schaffer wants to be country's next big singer/songwriter, and he's doing what it takes to make it happen.

The Livonia native picked up and moved to Nashville back in September, and since then, has been working hard at his craft to break into the industry.

Returning to Detroit last week to appear on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., Schaffer explained his decision to leave Motown for Music City.

"It's kind of like an actor moving to Hollywood," he told host Frank Williams Jr. "I was in Michigan doing the music thing for two-three years and it was getting kind of stagnant, and I just felt like I needed to go take my career to the next level."

And 2019 is already off to a great start for Schaffer, who is currently working with a record label to re-record some of his songs, including one that he played live on Homegrown called "The Song That I Write."

Check out Schaffer's album The Winter Blues on his website, and watch his entire interview and performance on Homegrown Happy Hour below!