Stone Combines Family and Country Music on Homegrown Happy Hour

January 15, 2019

The band Stone started with one very important element: family.

Based out of Lansing, the origins of the country outfit come from back in the '90s when a then-14-year-old Kurt Stone started performing in his dad's band, and never looked back.

Add to the mix his sister, Kymee, who began singing and recording with her brother at the age of 16, and the two talented siblings have been making their way through the local country music scene ever since.

Drawing influences from Travis Tritt and George Jones, as well as their dad, the band in its current form came to fruition this past fall, with bassist Jerome Leach and drummer Justin Robison of the metal band Beyond the Fallout joining the group.

Stone stopped by the MusicTown Detroit studios this month for an interview and performance on Homegrown Happy Hour with Frank Williams Jr., and their episode certainly made a big splash on Facebook Live.

Watch the entire episode below!