Strange Heart Explains How Hard Times Led to their Debut Album

November 16, 2018

Strange Heart isn't afraid to incorporate emotion into their music.

In fact, all of the members of the new four-piece outfit has found it both necessary and therapeutic.

The group, which formed just about a year ago after lead singer Joshua Clemons and guitarist Bryce Carrol-Coe both returned to Detroit from the west coast. Each of them came back to the Motor City under very different circumstances, but they had one major thing in common: they wanted to make music.

Fast-forward to the fall of 2018 and the band, which also includes bassist Mike Schneider and drummer Bobby Jankowski, is poised to release their debut album, Sinking Ships; a deeply personal record which details loss, love and hope.

Strange Heart discussed the album and much more when they appeared on Behind the Mic with Pam Rossi on Monday, November 12, where they also performed three songs from the record.

Watch their entire interview and performance below, and visit the band's website for more information.