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Gasoline Gypsies Take Over MusicTown Detroit … With Two Guitars, Bass And Drums

By Pam Rossi We had a full band in the studio for this week’s Behind The Mic with two guitars, bass and drums. They’re known as The Gasoline Gypsies. These four young guys, even though tired from just finishing up a few 16 hour days in the recording studio, entertained to the max. We got to hear...
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Thornetta Davis — Detroit’s Queen Of The Blues — Behind The Mic

Video of Thornetta Davis on Behind The Mic with Pam Rossi By Pam Rossi Sitting down with Thornetta Davis, the Detroit Queen of the Blues, was enlightening and entertaining. Thornetta Davis talked about how it all got started and how she got bitten by the music bug, her inspiration Phyllis Hyman and...
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